1) That first layer of soil in your yard (anywhere from 2-8 inches) is a rich complex layer of organic matter and is considered a non-renewable resource, because it can take a few hundred years to form. Composting your half eaten veggies & fruits, grass clippings, and leaves helps to sustain and restore that top layer. Your garden and lawn will thank you for it!

2)  Composting does not fill up our landfills! Food inside of plastic bags without microbes does not break down very well. It is estimated that 20% of the landfill is our food—most of which could decompose naturally in compost bins and be used for something useful, like starting an amazing garden! Use your food scraps to create more food!


3) Forget expensive fertilizers! Composting will fill your garden with rich nutrients and attract microbes that will help your plants flourish. Your body will also flourish as you eat healthier fruits and veggies without the need of pesticides or growth starters. You can also throw some compost in your flower beds for amazing blooms. Compost is nature’s fertilizer!

4) Composting empowers people to be more self-sufficient and more connected to the land. It teaches us ‘The Food Cycle’ and leads to more awareness about our own health and what it takes to have a healthier environment. Most kids growing up today have little idea where their food actually originates, and they are misled into thinking that it simply disappears by throwing it into the trash without consequences for their future. Instead, you can introduce fun and creative gardening and composting activities for your kids. They will have a blast digging in the soil, finding worms, and planting seeds that one day will provide food for their dinner plate. They will see the magic in the food cycle, and you will too!

Interested in learning more about the art of composting but not sure where to start? You can contact Kyle at k.king@copeenvironmental.org for more resources or just stop by and check out the compost bins at Cope Environmental Center! We will also be hosting a Gardening Homespun Workshop on Thursday, May 14th, from 5:30-7:30pm, that will discuss composting and much more!

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